Mural Ad FAQs [AD PILOT]


What are Mural ads?

Mural ads are high-paying ads that are much larger than the traditional content ad slot, which means that there could be a slight CLS shift, for the time being, when the ad refreshes.

How do I get this added to my site?

Currently, during the pilot period, these ads are available to select publishers that meet the campaign criteria established by the brand or advertiser. 

What does it look like on mobile and desktop?

Mural_Ad_Family_LEGO_The_Home_Edit_Mobile_Holiday__1_.png Mural_Ad_Family_LEGO_The_Home_Edit_Desktop_Holiday.png


How much does it earn?

These ads earn higher CPMs than traditional content ads, with video mural ads earning a little more.  

Does this type of ad align with the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) requirements?

Yep! All of your AdThrive ads meet CBA’s guidelines. Mural ads appear within a page's content and only one will display per page to avoid ad overload. 

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