Connecting a Universal Analytics property to GA4

If you're running the new Google Analytics 4 and don't have the old Universal Analytics running alongside it, there are a couple of extra steps to connect a Universal Analytics property, which we use to build your AdThrive dashboard. 

Google defaults to GA4 for new properties. When setting up a new property, click "Show advanced options," then choose between creating both a GA4 and Universal property or just a Universal property.



Create another property and choose the option to create a Universal property under the advanced options. Once this property is created, you can connect the two, which will allow you to pull data into both properties with just one piece of code on the site.


To connect the properties switch to the new property you just created, then go to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code and click Connected Site Tags.


From the next window, add your measurement ID for the GA4 property where it says "Enter ID of tag to connect":


Click connect, then you can go to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code and add the code shown to your site.

Wait 24 hours before completing your application and connecting the new Universal property so the data has time to populate. Once your application is submitted, our ad partners let things track for a week to use the updated data for review.

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