Where should I embed my video to maximize earnings and SEO?

You have great video content — the question is, where’s the best place to embed your video within your post for SEO, maximum ad revenue, and a great reader experience?

Great news! AdThrive video embeds already generate the crucial video schema needed for search engines to gather information about your video. 

When you include both a video title and detailed description upon upload, your AdThrive video player metadata is optimized for search engines!

Optimize your video placement for both earnings and SEO

In your dashboard, you can set your global video settings that will determine where your videos show up within your content and how the player behaves. 

On the Video page, click the gear icon to bring up your settings:


Grab the default embed code for any video to use these settings. Hover over the video and click on “Embed” > “Copy embed code”, then paste that code into your post editor.

You can also override these settings for an individual video by generating a unique embed code. Hover over the video and click on “Embed" > “Override Global Setting”. Choose your desired settings and copy the generated embed code to paste into your post editor.


Sticky or Stationary?

If you are running our Playlist player, then we recommend choosing the Stationary option for your Related videos. This gives you the best of both worlds — you'll earn video ad revenue from most readers as they scroll and view the Playlist player, and you'll also earn top CPMs from the ads that show when a reader clicks to play your Stationary Related video.

Choose the Sticky option for your Related videos, if you're not running our Playlist player, as Sticky videos have higher overall earning potential.

Encourage clicks on your Stationary Related videos

Stationary videos earn when the reader clicks to play the video, so place the stationary video wherever you think readers will be most likely to watch. 

Upload an engaging thumbnail image and encourage the reader to click to watch the video in your post copy.

Use our Auto/optimized option for your Sticky Related videos

Choosing the optimized option allows our ad code to take care of both SEO and higher earnings in a one-stop-shop! 

After you enable this option:

  1. You can put the embed code anywhere you want in your post, and our ad code will automatically place the player in the ideal earning location.
  2. If you have a recipe card, you can place your embed code within the card itself and our ad code will move the video up to maximize earnings while SEO information is stored within the card. 

Place Sticky Related videos near the top of your post

If you prefer to use the Manual/control option so that your sticky video appears exactly where you place the embed code, we suggest embedding the video as high as possible within your post, so it has more time on page after a reader scrolls past it. 

We recommend embedding within the top 50% of the post for the highest earning potential.

Can I embed the same video on multiple pages?

Yes! You can embed the same video on as many different pages as you want. Embedding pillar video content in multiple posts is one of the best ways you can maximize the revenue return from a single video.

Check out this article for ideas on how to make a video that will apply to as many posts on a single subject as possible, plus ideas for creating multiple videos for the same post!

Note: If you want to embed the same video on different pages, and you want to submit unique URLs and/or descriptions in the dashboard, you will need to upload the video multiple times and copy the unique embed code for each page.

Can I embed more than one video on a single page?

Yes — as long as it’s not the exact same video embed code. For example, if you have a video about baking a cake and another video about making frosting, you can add them both to the same page.

If you embed multiple sticky videos on the same page, only the first embedded video will be sticky.

Use Google Search Console to verify your videos are set up correctly

You can easily verify that Google is successfully able to "see" your Related videos by logging in to your Google Search Console account and navigating to Enhancements > Videos.


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