Can I run video ads without having my own video content?

Yes! With our Sticky Outstream Video Player, you can run video ads on your site without having to create your own video content.

How does the Sticky Outstream Video Player work?

The Sticky Outstream Video Player sticks to the bottom of the page and runs video ads continually. You can enable the player to run on desktop, mobile, or both.

Unlike our other video players, the Sticky Outstream Player does not initially appear within your content — it will always show as a small unit at the bottom right of the screen. Readers have the option to close the video player if they choose.


Sticky Outstream Video Player on a sample page

How does the Sticky Outstream Video Player earn?

Since this video player does not require you to create and upload your own video content, you can start earning more as soon as you enable it.

If you are not currently running video ads on your site, you could see an RPM boost of up to 10–15%!


If you already run our other video players, we recommend enabling the Sticky Outstream Player as well, as it will run on some additional places on your site where the other video players do not. You may see a boost of 1–2% to your overall earnings.

How do I enable the Sticky Outstream Video Player?

If you've turned on our "Auto-Optimize" option on the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard, we've already enabled this player for you, and you're earning more already!

If not, just head over to your Ad Preferences page and turn it on. You'll find the toggle under Video Options:


Where can I see my earnings from the Sticky Outstream Video Player?

In your dashboard, click on Earnings > Earnings Overview, and scroll down to the Earnings by Ad Unit widget. There you'll see your Sticky Outstream earnings for the date range selected at the top of the page.


If you also run our other video players, you'll see your Sticky Outstream earnings broken out in the Video Earnings widget on your Earnings Overview page.


Should I replace my other video players with the Sticky Outstream Player?

We've found that the best way to earn from video ads is to run them alongside your own video content, especially when your videos are related to the content on the page.

Our Sticky Related and Sticky Playlist players with the Advance Playlist feature earn more than the Sticky Outstream Player, because buyers pay more for instream ads than for outstream. In addition, our other sticky video players have higher direct advertiser demand.

To maximize your video earnings, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Add videos to your playlist and run our Sticky Playlist Video Player on every eligible page on your site
  2. When you have a video that is related to the content in your post, embed that video into the post with our Stationary Related Video Player
  3. Enable the Sticky Outstream Video Player, so you can earn from video ads whenever your site isn't running one of the other video players

Only one sticky video player will appear on the page, and priority will go to the Sticky Related Player, then the Sticky Playlist Player, and finally the Sticky Outstream Player. However, the Sticky Outstream player may appear first, if the other players are further down on the page, so you can earn from video ads as soon as possible on each pageview.

Which pages will the Sticky Outstream Video Player run on?

The Sticky Outstream Video Player will run on any page on your site where you have not selected to disable auto-insert video players (via the AdThrive Ads plugin or a piece of code), with the exception of your home page.

On pages where you are running another video player, the Sticky Outstream player may serve prior to a reader scrolling down to a Sticky Playlist or Sticky Related player, or until they interact with a Stationary Related player.

If you are already running the Sticky Playlist across your site, there are a few pages where the Sticky Playlist does not run where the Sticky Outstream Player will run — such as your category and tag pages. If you need help disabling the Sticky Outstream Player on a specific page, just reach out to our team!

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