How do I create a domain property in Google Search Console?

What is a domain property?

Google uses a domain property to aggregate data for your site into a single source. It captures data across all protocols, subdomains, and subpaths associated with your site so you can get one holistic look at your domain. When you specify the domain you want to cover (such as “”), the domain property will pull together all URLs associated with this domain (such as “”, “”, and “”). 

How can I identify a domain property?

The domain property will have the prefix “sc-domain:”. So in our example, you would see “sc-domain:”.

What if I don’t see a domain property as an option in my dashboard?

When setting up AdThrive access to your Google Search Console in your dashboard, if you don't see an option in the list that starts with “sc-domain:”, then you probably haven't set up a domain property for your site. It’s important that you share access to this domain property rather than a URL-prefix property so we can accurately analyze data across your entire site. 

Follow the steps below to create a domain property for your site. It might take up to 24 hours for the new domain property to show up as an option in the list in your dashboard. Once you see it listed as an option (with the “sc-domain:” prefix), you can continue with the Google Search Console authorization workflow to grant us access to this domain property.

How do I create a domain property for my site?

If you have not yet added a domain property to your Google Search Console account, please follow the steps below before completing the authorization workflow in your dashboard. You will then select this domain property when granting AdThrive access to your Google Search Console data.

Adding a domain property to your Google Search Console account:

  1. In your Google Search Console dashboard, open the property selector in the upper left-hand corner:


  2. Select “Add Property” from the drop-down:


  3. In the first “Domain” box, enter your site domain in the form of without any prefixes (no https or www), and select “Continue”:


  4. Next, you’ll see instructions to “Verify domain ownership via DNS record”:


    This step will vary depending on your domain provider (e.g. or, so reach out to them if you need assistance. Once you have the settings configured, return to Google Search Console to verify.
  5. Once your domain property is verified in Google Search Console, then you can return to your AdThrive publisher dashboard and complete the authorization workflow, giving us access to your new domain authority.
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