Should I remove the title wrapper from my video player?

AdThrive video players typically display the title of your video above the player. In the sticky Playlist player, this title is linked to the URL associated with the video, if you specified one when you uploaded the video in your dashboard.

However, we’ve found that fewer than 1% of readers click on these video titles, and we’ve seen video RPMs improve when the video title wrapper is removed from your player.


Without the video title wrapper, we’ve seen a lift of about 5–6% to video RPM and about a 1% lift to overall revenue.

You can choose to remove the title wrapper from your video players by selecting the option on the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard. Look for the setting under Video Options, and turn on the toggle.


Note: If you have the “Auto-optimize” setting turned on, you’ll be running “Remove video title wrapper” automatically for maximum ad revenue.
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