What is the AdThrive RPM Guarantee?

We’re offering an RPM Guarantee for publishers who switch to AdThrive.

We guarantee that within two weeks of joining AdThrive, your RPM (ad earnings per 1,000 pageviews) will be at least 20% higher with AdThrive than with your previous ad management firm — without increasing the ads on your site.

Who qualifies for this guarantee?

You qualify for this guarantee if you meet all of the following requirements:

How can you deliver my RPM lift?

You’ll reach a baseline level of ad earnings just by running ads on your site from any source that taps into the programmatic open market.

The real benefits come from working with an ad management company that can bring you incremental revenue from advanced ad code, unique ad technology relationships, direct sales and sales flooring and competition, and custom ad layout optimizations. 

We’ve been increasing our investments in these areas for years, and we’re not slowing down any time soon:

  • Accelerated ad code that earns you more — our ad code engineering team (who work on Nucleus, the most advanced ad code platform in the industry) is doubling in size, bringing on talented new developers
  • Even stronger direct ad sales as our advertising sales team nearly doubles this year, too
  • Supercharged account management, serving the unique needs of our largest publishers
  • Expertise to help you build your business at your fingertips, as our overall team grows to 200+ strong with talent from places like Mailchimp, Travelzoo, Mozilla, Pocket Outdoor Media, Tripadvisor, Tumblr, and more

These industry-leading advancements mean that we’re able to deliver higher earnings without increasing ads on page. 

How will you calculate my RPM lift?

To calculate RPM (revenue per mille), we use pageviews from Google Analytics and finalized ad earnings:

Total ad earnings divided by pageviews for the same time period multiplied by 1,000 = RPM

We’ll work with you to document your agreed-upon “before RPM”. Then, we’ll share your “after RPM” within two weeks after your AdThrive ads are installed.

We guarantee that your “after RPM” will be at least 20% higher than your “before RPM”!

What if my RPM doesn’t increase by 20% within 2 weeks?

We have no doubts that we’ll be able to deliver at least a 20% RPM increase in your first two weeks with AdThrive. 

But, just for peace of mind, if we are unable to deliver at least a 20% lift, we’ll cover the difference and pay up to that 20% lift for your first month, plus $5,000! 

But if you’re like every other site that’s switched from a competitor, you’ll be over your 20% increase very quickly.

Will my income stay 20% higher?

You can picture joining AdThrive as a highway on-ramp.

You’re driving on the service road that runs parallel to a high-speed highway. Perhaps it also has a pretty good speed limit, and you’re already traveling at a fairly good speed.

But the highway has a higher speed limit and you see cars zipping past, so you take the on-ramp and accelerate rapidly to catch up to the traveling speed of the cars around you. 

Once you’ve fully merged onto the highway, you can now continue on at that faster pace. 

Some cars are going faster or slower, but every driver that takes the on-ramp onto the highway is now able to go much faster than they were going before. That's what happens to publishers who join AdThrive.


However, ad inventory fluctuates regularly no matter who runs your ads, and you’ll see standard fluctuations at AdThrive too. 

For example, advertisers usually spend less money at the beginning of each month, meaning RPMs are usually lower, and then rates increase through the month. The beginning of each quarter is typically lower and then rates increase throughout the quarter. 

Your RPM will rise and fall just like it did with your previous ad provider and just like it does across the industry, but we’re confident you’ll be earning more than you would have at your old ad network. 

How? Check out our detailed RPM analysis here.

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