What is AdThrive’s Cookie Coverage?

We are confident that AdThrive is the best place to be when third-party cookies crumble in a massive upheaval for the digital advertising industry. 

But we don’t want to stop there.

AdThrive Cookie Coverage offers additional protection to your ad revenue when Google Chrome eliminates third-party cookies in 2022.

In 2022, AdThrive will reimburse publishers for a percentage of any lost revenue due to RPM declining as a result of third-party cookies going away. 

Cookie Coverage offers 5%+ RPM protection

All AdThrive publishers will be eligible for a minimum of 5% Cookie Coverage. 

What does 5% Cookie Coverage mean?

For each quarter in 2022, we'll cover up to 5% of RPM loss related to Chrome removing third-party cookies, calculated and paid out on a quarterly basis.

For example: 

If your RPM is 1-5% lower in Q1 2022, we’ll cover the full amount to bring it up to the same RPM you had in Q1 2021. If it’s 6% lower, we’ll cover the first 5% so you ultimately only experience a 1% dip in RPM.

AdThrive publishers who take home more than $250,000 in annual net revenue are eligible for higher percentages of Cookie Coverage. If you qualify for a higher tier of Cookie Coverage, your Account Manager will reach out with details.

Your final Cookie Coverage tier will be set in early 2022 based on your finalized 2021 net revenue.

Who is eligible for Cookie Coverage?

We are offering Cookie Coverage to all publishers who are working with AdThrive (have AdThrive ads installed) by June 15, 2021, continue working with AdThrive in 2022, and agree to the program terms & conditions.

To ensure coverage, you must run AdThrive ads for all of 2021 or supply ad revenue and traffic data for all months in 2021 prior to joining AdThrive.

How can I sign up for Cookie Coverage?

In the next few months, you’ll receive a pop-up in your AdThrive dashboard inviting you to agree to the Cookie Coverage terms and conditions. 

We’re keeping the terms and conditions as short and simple as possible, but you’ll be able to review the full details and accept your Cookie Coverage in your dashboard.

Once you accept the terms and conditions, you’ll be all set with Cookie Coverage for 2022 — it’s that simple! 

Note: this will not change anything about your original agreement with AdThrive outside of Cookie Coverage.

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