How to create or link a Google Ad Manager account to switch to MCM

As one of Google’s trusted advertising partners, we work closely with their team to create the best experience and top earnings for our publishers. In March 2021, Google introduced a new way to handle ad-managed publisher accounts, implementing "Multiple Customer Management" (MCM).

Prior to this change, each AdThrive publisher was nested under our Google Ad Manager account as a “child publisher”, for us to be able to manage your ads. With the switch to MCM, Google requires you to have your own Google Ad Manager account and accept an invitation from AdThrive to continue managing your ads.

We’ll need you to take a one-time action to accept our invitation, which will require either creating a Google Ad Manager account or linking an existing Google Ad Manager account to us.

Follow the instructions below to complete this mandatory process. We’ve also created this handy video tutorial to walk you through the process. Your experience may vary from the video, as the process has been continually evolving, but feel free to reach out with any questions!

Instructions for creating or linking a Google Ad Manager account to AdThrive

Step 1:

You’ll receive an email invitation from Google Ad Manager, with the email subject line “Request to manage your ad inventory”.


Note: This email invitation will be sent to the site owner. If you are a site manager or other point of contact, you may need to reach out to the site owner and let them know to look for this email.

Having trouble finding the email? In most cases, we sent the invitation to the email address you used in your original AdThrive application. If you’re unsure, reach out and we can tell you which email address we used.

Important: If you have an existing Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick for Publishers), AdSense, AdMob, or YouTube monetization account under another email address, please ignore the invitation and let us know so we can send a new invitation to the right email address!

Step 2: Click the blue button in the email, labeled “View request”.


Step 3: You may be asked to verify or log in to your Google account.


Note: If you receive this invitation to an email address that is not already Google-affiliated, you will be guided through a few steps to set up a Google account associated with that email address. This should be pretty straightforward, but feel free to reach out to us if you run into any difficulties!

At this point, your experience will be slightly different depending on whether or not you have an existing Google Ad Manager account associated with the email that received the invitation. Either way is okay, and you’ll be guided through the process accordingly.

If you have an existing Google Ad Manager account:

Step 4: Select the account for your site that you want managed by AdThrive. If you have more than one site with AdThrive, just choose one for now, and we’ll add the rest for you.


Step 5: You’ll be taken to your Google Ad Manager account and presented with a page where you can accept to have your ads managed by AdThrive. Just click the “Accept” button.


Step 6: You’ll land in your Google Ad Manager account where you’ll see AdThrive listed as a Parent publisher. You’re all set!


If you don’t have an existing Google Ad Manager account:

Step 4: You’ll arrive at a page that says “AdThrive - GAM wants to help you manage your inventory”. Select your billing country/territory and click “Set up account”.


Step 5: Accept the Ad Manager terms & conditions and the Parent Publisher terms & conditions, then click “Set up account”.


Step 6: On the Customer information page, choose your Account type (Business or Individual), fill in your name and address info, then click “Save”.


Step 7: On the Network settings page, choose your time zone and currency, and click “Save”.


Step 8: You may be required to go through a phone verification. If so, enter your phone number and choose how you’d like to get a verification code.

You’re all set! You should arrive at the confirmation page below:


If you created a new Ad Manager account as part of this process, you will get an email from Google Ad Manager letting you know that your account has been created and another email welcoming you to Google Ad Manager. You do not have to do anything with either of these emails.

You may also receive an email from Google Payments with the email subject: “Google AdSense: Payment contact information changed” — this was triggered when you selected your currency in the account setup process. If you’re actively using AdSense, you can always log in to double-check your account details and settings.

You will also receive a confirmation email from Google Ad Manager when they have successfully linked your new Google Ad Manager account with AdThrive, so we can continue to manage your ads.


We’ll receive confirmation on our end too, so you don’t have to reach out to let us know. At this point you are all set, but feel free to reach out to us if you get stuck along the way and need our assistance!

What if I get rejected?

First, don’t stress. We’ll help you troubleshoot, and your ads will continue to serve as usual in the meantime.

Google has strict policies against duplicate accounts, so if you have an existing Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick for Publishers), AdSense, AdMob, or YouTube monetization account under a different email address than the one we sent your invitation to, you may get this message that your account wasn't approved:


If you still have access to the email address associated with your existing account, we recommend choosing the second option, to use that account for Ad Manager. Just submit the full email address for that account, click "Submit", and you'll receive a new invitation to that email address and restart the process from there.

Video Walkthrough

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