How to use Cloudflare to measure Core Web Vitals

If you have a Cloudflare account, you can use it to get a real-time look at how well your site is performing, according to Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics

Cloudflare employs Real User Measurement (RUM) to provide an immediate, accurate depiction of how your site is performing. As you make changes, you can see the impact on your CWV scores in Cloudflare in real-time.

The first step is to enable browser insights in Cloudflare. It’s super quick and easy!

Step 1: In your Cloudflare account, click on the Speed icon:


Step 2: Click on “Browser Insights”:


Step 3: Click on “Go to Configurations”:


Step 4: Toggle on Browser Insights:


That’s it! Data should begin to populate within just a few hours, so return to the Browser Insights page to see how your recently-visited pages are performing:


Use the filter options or click on the tabs for each metric to view your scores by URL, Browser, Operating System, or Country.


These insights are available on Cloudflare’s free plan, making this a great option for regularly checking in on your Core Web Vitals scores!

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