Can AdThrive monetize Google Web Stories?

What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories feature full-screen video, photos, and audio in a shareable slideshow format, similar to Instagram Stories. They appear in Google Search and Google Discover, and we’ve seen them drive large amounts of traffic to publishers’ sites!

Visit Google’s page on Web Stories to see some examples of dynamic content being shared on this platform.

Can AdThrive monetize my Web Stories?

Yes, AdThrive can monetize Google Web Stories by placing our ads on them, but it’s important to note that there is not a large demand for these ads at this time. The major value of Web Stories is to drive traffic to related posts on your site, where you run your full ad layout.

Think of these as another social media platform, where the purpose is to give readers a useful or entertaining experience and then encourage them to click through to your amazing content!

We recommend creating Web Stories for some of your top posts, making sure to include a link to that post in the Story. Offer quality content in your Web Story, not just a teaser that requires a click-through, to make readers and Google happy.

How do I get started with Google Web Stories?

First, check out these videos Google has created to share tips and best practices for Web Stories.

Then, install the Web Stories WordPress plugin and start creating! You’ll publish Web Stories on your site via the plugin, which allows Google to find them and display them in Google Search and Google Discover.

We don’t recommend embedding Web Stories into your regular blog posts, but rather using them as a means of driving traffic to your most profitable posts and earning from your ads there.

If you’d like to run AdThrive ads on your Web Stories, just reach out and we’ll get you set up!

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