How do AdThrive video ads earn?

Videos that run in your AdThrive video player earn based on the video’s length, not clicks, popularity, or interaction.

Ads run at the beginning of each video, so shorter videos allow for more ad impressions and more revenue while the reader is on your site. Longer videos have fewer opportunities to show video ads. 

This chart shows how ads are served between videos:


Let’s say an average reader spends 2 minutes reading a post on your site.

A video that’s 2 minutes long will have only one chance to earn from ads — but in that same time frame, you could show multiple shorter videos with more opportunities to earn from video ads!

We recommend 31-90 seconds for maximum AdThrive video earnings. Videos must be at least 30 seconds to run ads.

Note: If you’re running our sticky video players, the Advance Playlist feature allows you to earn optimally, even from longer videos. See how it works here: Advance Playlist feature

For more great tips, check out our blog post on five easy ways to optimize your video earnings!

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