How do I see what my website looks like on different devices?

Making sure your readers have a great user experience when they visit your site is a top priority for both you and us! 

You can use Chrome’s Emulator to view your site on different devices, giving you a fresh perspective on how your site may appear to different readers and allowing you to spot areas of improvement.

Follow these four easy steps: 

1. Open your site in a Chrome incognito window. Right-click anywhere on the page and click “Inspect”.


2. Click the “Toggle device toolbar” icon in the panel that appears on the side or bottom of your screen.


3. Click the “Responsive” drop-down menu above your site content. From there, you can choose different devices to view how the current page appears on each one, and note areas you want to spruce up. You'll want to refresh the page after selecting or changing the device type to make sure all of the elements load correctly.


4. Navigate through some different pages on your site to get an idea of the full reader experience on each device. Pay attention to images, opt-in forms, product pages, and make sure plugins are operating the way you’d expect on smaller screens as well as desktop.

Chrome Emulator is free, easy to use, and can help you ensure that every reader has a great experience visiting your site!

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