How can I bulk upload and bulk edit videos?

The video tab in your AdThrive dashboard allows you to bulk upload and bulk edit your videos, so you can manage your video library with ease!

These new features are currently available as a beta release, which you can enable in your own dashboard.

Enable new video tab features

When you visit the video tab in your dashboard, you’ll receive this prompt:


Click the green button that says “Try the new experience” to enable the new features.

You can switch between the old and new experience by clicking the link at the top of the page.

How to bulk upload videos

Select the blue “Upload Videos” button at the top of the page, then either drag and drop your video files or click “Browse Videos” to select files from your computer. You can upload up to 10 videos at a time.


Note: If you’re uploading several videos at once, the process may take some time. You can navigate away from your Video tab while the videos are uploading, but make sure to stay in your dashboard until the uploading process is complete.

A small window will display at the bottom right of the page, showing the progress of your uploads. If any videos fail to upload, an error message will display.


If a video upload fails, it’s likely because the video was under the required length of 30 seconds or it was not an accepted file type. Acceptable file types include .mov, .mp4, and .webm.

Editing individual videos

You can edit individual videos while others are uploading:

  • Add or edit title, post URL, or description
  • Add a closed caption file
  • Edit video settings such as adding it to a playlist, adding tags, updating the publish start date and time, or check the box to exclude it from your video sitemap

To edit an individual video, hover over that video to highlight it and then click. Make sure to save any changes.

To copy the embed code, hover over the video and then click the “Embed” button.

How to bulk edit videos

First, use the search and filter options to find the videos you want to edit. Then, check the box to “Select all on page” or individually select the videos you want to edit. You can bulk edit up to 50 videos at once.

The bulk edit options will display above the videos:


You can:

  • Add/remove videos from your playlist
  • Add/remove tags
  • Add closed caption files (up to 10 videos at once)
  • Delete videos

We hope these bulk options help you manage your video library more efficiently! Feel free to send any feedback to us.

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