How do I search my videos in the dashboard?

If you need to find a certain video among those you’ve uploaded to your AdThrive dashboard, you’ll find the sort, filter, and search features useful!


How can I sort my videos?

By default, your videos are sorted by upload date, from newest to oldest. Other sort options include:

  • Upload date (oldest to newest)
  • Duration (longest to shortest)
  • Duration (shortest to longest)
  • Title (A-Z)
  • Title (Z-A)


On mobile, the sort options will open in a popup window when you click on “Sort”.

How do I search my videos?

You can use the search field to search for key terms in your video titles, descriptions, or tags. As you type, relevant results render below.

You can clear the search field by clicking the X icon.

How can I filter my videos?

You can filter your list of videos or video search results by clicking the different filter options that appear below the search field.

You can view:

  • All videos
  • Videos in your playlist (these appear in your Playlist video player)
  • Videos not in your playlist (these videos aren’t in your Playlist video player)
  • Videos with certain tags

You can filter by multiple options, e.g. videos that are in your playlist and that are tagged with “summer”.

On mobile, the playlist filter options will open in a popup window when you click on "All Videos".

How can I filter by tags?

If you choose the Tags filter option, you’ll get a popup window where you can choose to view videos with any or all of the tags you enter in the Search field below.


As you start to type, relevant tags will appear in a dropdown. Select them to add to your filter, and you can click the x next to any tag to remove it if you change your mind. 

Click “Save” to filter your search results by the tags you’ve selected.

To clear out all searches and filters, refresh the page.

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