What is AdThrive Platinum?

AdThrive Platinum is our offering tailored to the unique needs of larger businesses — sites that take home over $250,000 in ad revenue each year.

It starts with the same award-winning customer service and perks that all AdThrivers receive and adds on a dedicated Platinum Team with enhanced monitoring and proactive, personalized support. 

Other benefits include access to early testing for new products, exclusive events with your peers, and additional opportunities to earn more from premium direct sales campaigns.

Members of AdThrive Platinum also have prioritized weekend support for full peace of mind, 7 days a week.

What’s a Platinum Team?

We’re glad you asked! A Platinum Team is a group of three experts dedicated to the success of AdThrive Platinum publishers.

  • An Account Manager, the main point of contact for AdThrive and all things related to your ad management, strategy, and goals.
  • An Insights Analyst who regularly conducts deep-dives into each site’s data — both to make sure we can respond immediately to any potential RPM issues and to identify early opportunities to further drive RPMs and traffic.
  • An Ad Specialist who looks out for recommendations and tests we can run to drive revenue, and put together reports that provide regular, actionable insights into ad performance.

What sites qualify for AdThrive Platinum?

AdThrive Platinum is designed for sites that take home at least $250,000 in ad revenue each year. We review qualifications on a quarterly basis to induct new publishers into AdThrive Platinum!

Existing AdThrive publishers

If you’re an AdThrive publisher and you meet the qualifications, you’ve likely been introduced to your Platinum Team or have received an invitation to join the program already.

If you don’t quite qualify yet, don’t worry! We’ll keep bringing you resources and recommendations to help you grow your business, and when your site qualifies for AdThrive Platinum we’ll be right here to celebrate with you — we can’t wait!

New AdThrive publishers

If you're interested in AdThrive and believe you'd qualify for AdThrive Platinum, we'd love to hear from you! Submit an application right here. During the application process, we'll work with you to confirm Platinum qualifications!

What if I own multiple sites?

If you monetize multiple sites with us whose combined revenue makes up at least $250,000 annually, you would qualify for Platinum.

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