What is AdThrive Account Management?

AdThrive Account Management is our service offering tailored to the unique needs of larger businesses — sites that average more than 750,000 monthly sessions and 10 million monthly ad impressions.

It starts with the same award-winning customer service and perks that all AdThrivers receive and includes a dedicated account manager and new benefits like exclusive events with your peers and access to early testing for new products.

What sites qualify for AdThrive Account Management?

AdThrive Account Management is designed for sites that receive a minimum of 750,000 monthly sessions (as measured by Google Analytics) and 10 million monthly ad impressions (as measured by our internal reporting), over a rolling 6-month average

This means that each month, we look at the average for the previous 6 months to determine eligibility.

How to apply for AdThrive Account Management

If you’re an AdThrive publisher and you meet the qualifications, you’ve likely been introduced to your Account Manager or have received an invitation to join the program already.

If you believe you qualify and haven’t heard from us yet, you can submit an application to join AdThrive Account Management. We review each application by hand and you’ll hear back from us soon!

If you don’t quite qualify yet, don’t worry! We’ll keep bringing you resources and recommendations to help you grow your business, and when your site qualifies for AdThrive Account Management we’ll reach out with your invitation to join. We can’t wait!

Finally, if you’re not an AdThrive publisher yet, that’s the first step to enjoying these benefits! Apply to work with AdThrive and we’ll get you connected with our onboarding team who can help get you set up with our world-class AdThrive service and in the queue for an account manager if your site qualifies.

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