How do I make a specific embedded video sticky or stationary?

Your embedded videos are by default set to be sticky or stationary. You can view and edit that default setting in your AdThrive dashboard on the Video tab:


Don’t see this option in your dashboard?

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If you want to change that setting for an individual video, just click “More Embed Options” below the Copy Embed button:


And you’ll get this window:


If you select “sticky” you will be presented with two more options:


  • Optimized means our ad code will define the best placement for the video to start playing and stick on the page, but you can still embed it anywhere in the post.
  • Control means the video will start playing and stick in the exact place you put the embed code in the post.

We recommend choosing Optimize for the best ad earnings! If you choose Control, make sure you place the embed code no lower than 50% of the way through the post, or it will perform poorly.

Choose the option you’d like and then copy the embed code in the box below by clicking on the Copy Embed button. This is a one-time use code, so if you want to try a different setup for this video in the future, you’ll need to generate a new embed code with new player settings.

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