How do I embed a video on my site?

After you upload a video to your AdThrive dashboard, you can then embed the video on a post or page on your site. Grab the video’s embed code by clicking on the Copy Embed button.


For WordPress, these embed codes are shortcodes you can copy and paste into your visual or text editor and click Save. 

For Blogger, Squarespace, or other content management systems, your embed codes will be <div> codes. Copy and paste the code into your HTML post editor and save.

Your default setting for embedded videos will determine how the video appears on the page:

  • A sticky video will stick to the screen and scroll with the reader.
  • A stationary video will stay where the embed code is placed and can scroll out of view. 

We recommend the sticky option for the highest ad revenue!

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Don’t see this option in your dashboard?

We have to set up a few things on our end. Fill out this form and we’ll get everything ready for you!
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