How can I improve my recipe ad earnings?

After spending valuable time creating unique and amazing recipes for your readers, we want to make sure you’re earning the most money possible for your delicious content!  

Here are some tips and suggestions to make sure your recipe ads are positioned to earn well:

Only include your ingredient list inside your recipe card

Many readers don’t end up scrolling down to the recipe card if the recipe’s ingredients and instructions are included earlier in the post content.

For maximum earnings from your recipe ads, share pictures and details about the recipe earlier in the post, but keep the exact list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions within your recipe card. This encourages your readers to spend the majority of their time there, with your high-paying recipe ads in view. 


Opt in to additional recipe ads

Since the recipe card is where your readers are spending most of their time, we like to capitalize on that with our ad strategy for your site. We can add additional ads inside your recipe card, or we can often move 1–2 of your content ads from earlier in the post and place them inside your recipe card. It’s a great way to earn more from your recipe content without adding more ads to your site overall. If you’d like to try that, send us a note!

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