How can I improve my content ad earnings?

Content ads run inside the body of your posts on desktop and mobile, usually between paragraphs. They are especially valuable on mobile, since sidebar ads don’t run there!


Like all your ad placements, content ads earn well when they are viewable (definition: more than 50% of the ad is on screen for at least 1 second), so improving your content ad earnings is all about encouraging readers to pause, engage with your content, and consume it thoughtfully. What’s good for content ad earnings is also good for reader experience!

Here are some tips to help optimize your posts and improve your content ad earnings:

1. Use images strategically

We’ve generally found that posts with higher content ad viewability are made up of more topically relevant text than photos. Make your images work for you by thinking about where they are placed on the page and separating blocks of images with engaging text. 

2. Less is often more when it comes to images

When faced with lots of images, readers tend to quickly scroll through, which affects the viewability of content ads placed between those images. Stick to just a few of the most attractive or most helpful images.

3. Each image should serve a distinct purpose on the page

This means that step-by-step images are usually helpful for engagement — just make sure each image is informative and contributing to the reader experience. 

4. Think about screen height for images

Horizontal images are better for ad viewability, especially on mobile. Images that fill the entire screen height can lead readers to scroll more quickly, sending them zipping past your content ads and decreasing the likelihood that 50% of the ad will be on screen for 1 second.

5. Visually format text to encourage engagement

Long blocks of text can be daunting, so make your post more accessible with reader-friendly formatting:

  • Use appropriate headings
  • Use bold or underlined text for important points
  • Try bulleted or numbered lists
  • Break heavy paragraphs into more digestible points

6. Supercharge your content ads

Allow “high-impact” ad types to compete for your existing content ad slots — they earn more than typical display ads. 

If you’d like to add these into the mix for your content ads, let us know!

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