AdThrive FAQs

What does AdThrive’s service include?

We coined the term “Ad Management” back in 2013 to describe our first-of-its-kind service: we handle everything related to the ads on your site so you can focus on creating incredible content while enjoying the passive income. 

There are a lot of ad providers who can place ads on your site and cut you a check each month, but when you join AdThrive you get:

  • Custom ad placement and optimization. Nothing is cookie-cutter. We design a unique ad layout for YOUR site based on your goals, site layout, and reader behavior.
  • Advertiser relationship management. Never worry about another advertiser pitch email — we work with the leading ad agencies, demand and supply platforms, private marketplaces, and top brands in the industry, constantly bringing on new partners to make sure you’re earning as much as possible!
  • Exclusive premium campaigns negotiated by our in-house sales team. Our strategists have decades of industry experience, have cultivated deep relationships, and are nationally recognized for their depth of expertise.
  • Video monetization and hosting. Monetize your videos through our custom video player offerings and get free video hosting as well.
  • Ongoing ad monitoring and individualized recommendations. Things change quickly in the advertising ecosystem and our team works to stay ahead of the game, bringing you new opportunities and suggestions to increase your ad income.
  • Expert support and guidance from our team of pros. Have questions? We have answers! Ads may be our forte, but our team of developers and WordPress experts understand the publishing world as a whole and delight in helping AdThrive publishers succeed.
  • Publisher dashboard with revenue and traffic insights. Monitor daily ad performance and traffic trends, upload videos and generate embed codes, search our help resources, and reach out to the AdThrive team directly from our publisher dashboard. There’s always a new feature in the works!
  • Access to an exclusive community of your publishing peers. We work with publishers ranging from hundreds of thousands of monthly pageviews to tens of millions of monthly pageviews. AdThrive publishers have the opportunity to join our active Facebook community to ask questions, exchange insights, and help one another reach new levels of success.
  • Learning tools to help you grow your traffic and business. From the AdThrive Accelerate Summit (our yearly publisher conference), to Facebook Live trainings, and partnerships with industry experts in fields like SEO, we invest in the long-term success of your business.
  • Fast, reliable monthly payments. We pay on a net-45 schedule on time, every time.

Who is eligible to join AdThrive?

Advertisers know and trust the quality of sites they find in the AdThrive community, so we work hard to maintain the standards that keep earnings as high as possible for every AdThrive publisher! We look for sites that fit all of these characteristics:

  • Google Analytics is installed and running, recording a minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews
  • Majority of traffic from the following countries (list subject to change):
    • United States
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
  • No previous advertising infringements and not blocklisted with Google or other major ad providers
  • Content is unique, original, amazing for audiences and advertisers
  • Site is secure (HTTPS)

If your site meets these requirements, go ahead and apply here!

What type of ad layout will you run on my site?

Our team will work with you to create an ad layout that you are proud to have on your site! Our ad partners require a minimum of 3 ads running in highly-viewable locations on each device. 

We’ll give our recommendations based on what has proven to be successful, but you get the final say on how your ads are placed. Then, we keep a close eye on how your ads are performing so we can make sure you are always earning at your top potential! 

What type of increases should I expect to see?

We love watching our publishers' revenue skyrocket! After you apply, we work with you to perform a detailed analysis of your current ad performance and craft a custom ad layout specific to your site and optimized for success. 

Every site that joins AdThrive earns more money per ad!

How long will it take to see results?

Once your new AdThrive-optimized ad layout is installed, our work is just beginning! Our advertising partners get to know your site and adjust their strategy for bidding on your ad placement, and we fine-tune and make adjustments to dial in optimal performance.

It can take a few weeks for you to see improvements, but many sites see results within a few days. We are committed to helping you earn well in the long-run with a reader-friendly ad layout and will keep you updated every step of the way!

Will my application data be shared?

The data you submit in your application is only used to get approval for your site from our advertising partners and to help our team build a custom ad strategy for your site. Outside of that, data will only be shared in the aggregate – for example, we might say that AdThrive clients as a whole gain an average X% increase. In order to sell your ad placements for the most money and help you make more cash, stats and data may be shared with potential advertisers. 

What does being a Google Certified Publisher Partner mean?

It means you can have peace of mind that our ad optimization, policies, financials, business practices, and ad layouts are Google-approved and thoroughly vetted! We work closely with Google to make sure your ads are up to date with their current and future policies, to keep your business and income safe for the future.

What is AdThrive’s revenue share model?

75% straight to publishers. 

We use our 25% to cover ad serving fees, associated costs and discrepancies, pay the team that provides publishers with best-in-industry support and technology, and invest in constant improvements to help you earn more year after year.

Are the ads family-friendly?

As much as technology allows! We have the most conservative filter settings on all of our ads. Occasionally, as with all ad networks, one of our providers will have an issue with their filters and something we don’t like will get through. If that ever happens, we immediately dig in to figure out who served it and get it blocked. It’s a major priority for us to keep everything very family-friendly.

I applied! What happens next?

We’ll send you an email with the next steps. If you filled out an application and did not receive an email confirming we received it, just let us know and we’ll double-check for you.

I have more questions! What should I do?

No problem! Send us a note with your questions and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

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