Auto-Sponsored Post Ad FAQs

What are Auto-Sponsored Post ads?

Auto-Sponsored Post ads use our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, Marmalade, to help brands find posts you’ve already created that are relevant to ad campaigns they’re running. This allows that brand to “sponsor” a post on your site by filling in all existing ad spaces on that post with their ad and displaying a sponsorship message at the top of the post.

During the life of the campaign, a small disclaimer appears at the top of the post that says “Presented by” or "Curated by" followed by the brand’s name.

These campaigns offer great brand visibility, so they pay extremely well on the pageviews where they run, and unlike a traditional sponsored post, there’s no extra work or relationship-management needed on your part!   

How do I get Auto-Sponsored Post ads on my site?

Your site is eligible for these types of ads by default. If you’d like to opt out of this type of ad, click here to drop us a note.

What does it look like?

Here’s an example of what it looks like on desktop:


Here’s an example of what it looks like on mobile:


Does this add new ad placements to a site?

No, it doesn’t add any new ad spaces to your site. Instead of running ads for a mix of companies in all the existing ad spaces on that post, only ads for the “sponsoring” company will run on this single post for the duration of the ad campaign.

Does this run on posts that were already sponsored?

These ads are smart enough not to run on most sponsored posts. Marmalade scans for text like “sponsored by” or “brought to you by” to remove those posts from the pool that can be selected for this type of ad campaign. One caveat: those phrases need to be in plain text on the site, so it can’t recognize an image that indicates that a post is sponsored.

How does this earn?

Pageviews where these campaigns run earn significantly more than normal, anywhere from 2–4x higher RPM!  

What pages will Auto-Sponsored Post ads run on?

We’ll only run Auto-Sponsored Post ads when specific deals are made with our premium advertisers, so the dates/time frame of when it will show up on your site will vary according to advertiser demand. Posts are also intelligently selected according to the needs of the advertiser and audience they’re targeting.

What brands can run on my site through Auto-Sponsored Post ads?

This ad type is a great fit for you if you’re open to a wide variety of family-friendly brands and advertisers appearing on your site! Because there’s always a new deal in the works, there isn’t a way to choose specific brands or campaigns ahead of time. Like your normal display ads, you won’t know which campaigns appear on which posts — you’ll just get paid well when they do!

If you’ve requested ad blocks based on your preference for specific brands appearing in your ads (outside of bad ad content that we always want to block everywhere!), this may not be the best fit for your site.

Where can I see earnings from these ads?

You’ll see earnings from Auto-Sponsored Post ads aggregated with your other display ad earnings in the AdThrive dashboard.

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