How are my video titles and descriptions used?

Your title will display above the video in your sticky video player and, in the sticky Playlist player, will link to the URL you specify in your dashboard for that video.

Note: You have the option to remove the video title from displaying on your video players, which can result in a boost to your RPM. Read more here.

Both your video title and description are used to add video metadata to your video embed code, which generates crucial video schema markup for search engines.

The Title field is required for every video you upload, but we recommend including a detailed video description as well. When both of these are filled out strategically, your AdThrive video player metadata is optimized for search engines!

Also, your video titles and descriptions can help you search for and find videos in your AdThrive dashboard.

To edit the title and description for videos you’ve already uploaded to your AdThrive dashboard, visit the “Video” tab and click “Edit” on the video you’d like to update (see below).


Please note: Video titles and descriptions cannot contain the following special characters:
" (double quote) 
' (single quote)
[ ] (open or close brackets)
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