Should I lazy load images on my site?

Yes! Lazy loading your images is a great way to speed up your site.

What is lazy loading?

Lazy loading is an optimization technique that waits to load elements until they are on or near the screen.

Images are typically the largest files that load on a given page, and lazy loading them is a great way to reduce the amount of data that loads when a reader visits your site. This will improve site speed, especially those critical user-centric metrics that measure how quickly your content loads and when your readers can start consuming!

How do I lazy load my images?

Lazy loading is an option offered in many plugins, such as WP Rocket, or your developer can help you get this set up.

**Just a heads up — we recommend refraining from updating to WP Rocket versions 3.9 or higher for now due to a conflict with AdThrive ads. 

If you’ve already updated to this version, you can add “adthrive” to the list of excluded javascript files in WP Rocket. In your WP Rocket plugin settings, head to the File Optimization tab, scroll down to the Delay JavaScript execution section, and type adthrive (all lowercase) in the text area under “Excluded Javascript files”. Make sure to save your changes!

Let us know when you enable the lazy loading of iframes in your plugin settings. Then, we'll keep an eye on your site for a few days to make sure your ads are loading as expected.
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