How long should my videos be?

Our advertisers require a minimum of 30 seconds to monetize videos through your AdThrive video player. However, depending on the type of video player on your site, you may want to go for short or long videos to maximize earnings.

Auto-Insert Video Players — 45–75 seconds

Your autoplay video players, like the desktop and mobile collapsible video player, earn the most with shorter videos in the 45–75 second range.

Auto-insert video players only play ads between videos, so longer videos don’t have the opportunity to serve as many ad impressions.

When you’re choosing videos to add to your auto-insert video players, choose your most-viewed short videos. Looping your top 5 videos can earn just as well as looping a randomly-selected playlist!

To customize which videos are loaded in your auto-insert video players, head to your AdThrive dashboard and click “Edit” on the video you want to add to these players. To add a video you’ll check the “Add to playlist” checkbox and to take a longer video out of these players, uncheck that box. Save, and you’re all set!


Embedded Click To Play Players — the longer the better

With these embedded players, it’s the exact opposite! Longer videos tend to earn more when they’re in the embedded click to play players. The longer your reader stays engaged with a single video within the post, the more opportunities display ads have to load on the page. This also boosts the improvement of any sticky ads on the page, like the sticky footer ad.

For click-to-play video players, the more you embed on your site the better! Posts with embedded videos tend to earn twice as much as posts without videos. For ideas on all sorts of video content, you can embed, check out this article here!

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