How do video thumbnail images work?

Your embedded click-to-play video players only earn ad revenue when a reader clicks to watch your video, so a good thumbnail image for your video should entice your readers to click.

What is the default thumbnail image for a video?

When you upload a video to your AdThrive dashboard, our intelligent video thumbnail image feature uses image recognition software to identify four possible thumbnail images from the video content. Then, it uses machine learning to test those thumbnail images to choose the most clickable and engaging thumbnail image to use for your video moving forward.

This feature saves you time and energy (you don’t have to guess what makes the most engaging image) and can increase your video views by 2.5-4.5%. You don’t need to lift a finger!

Can I choose my own video thumbnail image?

Yes! You’re always welcome to set or upload your own custom thumbnail image for each video.

Here’s how to upload or change a thumbnail image:

In your dashboard, go to Video >> Edit >> Upload Thumbnail


When you change the thumbnail image, the update may take a few minutes. Hit refresh to view the updated thumbnail.

What if the video is already embedded on my site?

You don’t need to do anything else, even if the video is already embedded on your site. Once you see the thumbnail image update take place in the dashboard, the image will be updated for the video on your site as well.

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