Should I run ads through commenting or related post plugins?

Although we don’t require exclusivity on the ads on your site, we do have a word of warning on running ads from other sources — AdThrive’s ads adhere to strict quality standards and operate within our special technology to prevent malicious redirects, but ads from other sources can open your site up to potential vulnerabilities and undermine your site’s reputation with advertisers. Even though your AdThrive ads comply with all of Google’s best practices, other ads on your site may be sabotaging those efforts.

Keep an eye out for sneaky ads that undermine your hard work!

From related post or content exchange widgets: Some seriously sketchy ads can sneak onto your site through related post or content exchange widgets (like or taboola). Even though these types of widgets can seem like a great idea for boosting traffic or bringing in some extra ad income, they may actually be hurting your site in the long run if they involve sharing links to questionable sources or running objectionable ad content.

We’ve seen Facebook filter links to pages containing this type of ad content from the News Feed, and Google refuse to run ads because of suggestive content — all from one tiny ad unit, rather than anything included in the page content itself! We strongly suggest removing/replacing those widgets or turning off their monetization options to avoid having these types of ads on your site.

From plugins: We’ve also seen social sharing, recipe, and commenting plugins sneak their own ads onto your site and make it hard to find the setting to turn them off. Check the “advanced” or “monetization” settings within plugins to make sure you’re not unintentionally running ads from those sources.

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