What types of video can AdThrive monetize?

Our ad partners have premium campaigns available for:

  1. Videos that are professional or semi-professional. Our advertisers simply want to make sure the video reflects well on their brand, so they look for well-lit, edited video content that provides value to viewers.
  2. 30 seconds or more of active content — video content between any logos or title screens.
  3. Video content you've created or that you have the rights to publish on your site.
  4. Videos in the following file types: .mov, .mp4, or .webm.
  5. Videos under 1.2 GB.

If you already have videos posted on your YouTube or Vimeo channel, make sure to get them loaded onto your AdThrive video player! Read more about getting started with video here, or contact us so we help you get set up.

Don’t have your own video content yet? You can still earn from video ads right now! Just head to your Ad Preferences page and turn on the Sticky Outstream Video Player. This player sticks to the bottom of the screen and runs video ads continuously. It can increase your RPM by up to 10–15%! Read more here.

Are you brand new to video creation and don’t know where to begin? Take a look at these popular types of video styles for some inspiration for turning your written content into engaging video content:


Slideshows are easy videos to create if you’re new to video creation. By taking photos you already have from popular or engaging posts (we’ll leave that part to your creativity) and editing them together in a slideshow with a title card and background music, you’ve got yourself your first video! Our advertisers just ask that all slideshow videos contain original content and provide additional value to the reader, rather than a slideshow containing only stock photos and music. The key is to ensure the content is really engaging so the viewer continues watching all the way through.  

Facebook Live Videos & Instagram Stories

Facebook Live videos and Instagram Stories can be a great tool for connecting with your audience! To use them with your AdThrive video player, you’ll just need to save the files and upload them directly through your dashboard video upload tool.  


Vlogs or “video blogs” are a popular video genre across the internet, so if you already have some, why not earn more money from them? These diary-style videos can give your audience direct access to your personality and brand, and boost your connection with your readers. Advertisers ask that you include a title page (or logo page) and edit your video so it maintains a professional quality.


There are several different ways you can create a Q&A video, but here are some ideas:

  • Take questions directly from the comments sections of your posts and, instead of writing back, create a video for all to see! Embed the video in that post to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Interview an expert about a specific topic.
  • Gather questions from your readers to answer in a video.

Pillar/Evergreen Topic

Is there a topic you revisit again and again that you can thoroughly cover in one video and share every time you address the subject? When you’re brainstorming ideas, think of ways to create your videos so they apply to as many posts on a single subject as possible. When you create pillar video content, you can embed these videos in multiple posts!


Timelapse videos are a great way to show a long period of time condensed down to a few minutes or even seconds. There’s a timelapse setting on most smartphones now, so it’s easy to shoot and keep the video quality high. These types of videos are great ways to show before-&-afters of projects like room redesigns, DIY projects, or to speed up cooking videos.

Product Review

With more and more consumers checking online reviews before making a purchase, why not film your latest product review and make a video out of it? This is a great way for your readers to get your thoughts about products you’ve used. When your readers buy and love products you recommend, it reinforces their connection to your content and your unique perspective.

Haul & Unboxing Videos

“Haul” and unboxing videos are quickly becoming some of the most-watched and engaging videos online. If you’ve recently come home from a shopping trip with purchases made for your next project, consider sharing your “haul” in video format or “unbox” a purchase on camera to show your audience the exact product experience.

Basic Technique, Tutorials, and Demos

These types of videos will walk your viewer through a process and bring your content to life with hands-on instruction. Is there a basic technique that you can demonstrate and share inside related posts? For example: a “cupcake icing tips” video you could add to all your cupcake recipes or an “easy painting tips” video you can make for all your DIY posts that mention painting.

Quick Tip: Repurpose old video footage to highlight complex steps. Look through general video footage you’ve created from tutorial and demo videos and think through any areas that might be complicated for readers to understand. Maybe there is a method to how you sew a certain stitch or julienne potatoes a clever way — separate out that footage and highlight it separately in the content to further explain and generate more engagement.
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