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Videos are one of the biggest revenue opportunities in digital advertising! Producing high-quality videos for your site is an investment in your ad revenue for the long run.

Original video content provides extra value to your readers, keeps them on the page longer, and boosts ad income for your site. If you include monetized videos in your posts, readers who view the post and watch the video can be up to TWICE as valuable to advertisers as readers who simply read the post.

When you run AdThrive video players, we provide super fast (and free) video hosting that plays ads before and during your video content. You can read about all the different types of video content we can monetize right here

We offer two types of monetized video players: 

  1. Related: Embedded videos that are related to the post where you put the embed code. Think of these like YouTube or Vimeo embeds. 
  2. Playlist: A playlist of videos that are added to EVERY page on your site. This autoplays (silently) so you earn from video revenue on every pageview possible.

Use Related video players when you have video content that matches the content of the page.

Use Playlist video players to showcase your best video content on pages that don’t have specific videos.

You should run BOTH types of video on your site to make sure you’re capturing every high-earning video opportunity!

For Related videos, there are two options:

  1. Stationary: this video player stays in one place on the page exactly where you place the embed code. This is a “click to play” video player body — readers have to engage with the player in order for you to earn from video ads.
  2. Sticky (higher-earning): the video player begins inside the page content. When a reader scrolls past this player, it “sticks” to scroll with the reader. This player autoplays (silently), so you get more video views and earn more from video ads.

If you like the way an embedded YouTube video player functions, you’ll like the Stationary Related video player. It behaves exactly the same way.

The Sticky Related video player is our recommended upgrade — it keeps your video in view longer, so readers are more likely to watch your content, and you earn significantly more!

For Playlist video players, there are two options:

  1. Stationary (lower-earning): The video player loads in one place (inside the content on mobile, inside the sidebar on desktop), has to be “clicked” to play, and doesn’t move. 

The Stationary Playlist video player is the first player we started with (we call it our “legacy” video player). We’ve since released our Sticky Playlist upgrade and that’s what we recommend for best ad earnings!

  1. Sticky (higher-earning): The video player automatically begins silently playing inside the page content when the reader scrolls to it. When a reader scrolls past this player, it “sticks” to the page to scroll along with them. On desktop, that means it moves to the side of the page. On mobile, it can stick to the top or bottom of the page.

Ready to start earning from your videos?

  1. Send us a message and we’ll begin the set-up process. 
  2. After we set things up, you’ll be able to upload your videos directly in your dashboard. You can grab embed codes for Related video players or add videos to your Playlist player.
  3. Start earning more for your videos!

Here's a handy "AdThrive Video 101" infographic:





Keep reading: Here’s how to upload videos through your dashboard once video players are set up for your site.
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