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Advertisers are always looking for ways to reach the most valuable audience, and right now the number one request we get from them is to place their premium ads within the amazing video content they know they’ll find from AdThrive sites! So if you’re not currently running our AdThrive video players and want to learn more about how you can earn more from your site, we’re here to help you get started.

Videos are one of the biggest revenue opportunities in digital advertising! Producing high-quality videos for your site is an investment in your ad revenue for the long run.

Original video content provides extra value to your readers, keeps them on the page longer, and can be another wonderful source of ad income for your site. If you include monetized videos in your posts, readers who view the post and watch the video can be up to TWICE as valuable to advertisers as readers who simply read the post.

When you run AdThrive video players, we provide super fast (and free) video hosting that plays ads before and during your video content. You can read about all the different types of video content we can monetize right here

Here are the different ways you can display and earn with video ads:

Embedded Click To Play Players (Static)

The embedded Click to Play player functions like an embedded YouTube video player, but makes you a LOT more money than you’d earn through YouTube thanks to our premium video advertisers!

How it works:
You embed a video player inside your post. When a reader clicks to watch the video, you earn ad revenue! Here’s an example of what an embedded Click to Play player looks like in a post.

  • Single Videos: Upload videos in your AdThrive dashboard and grab the embed code to place the video in any post/page you like.
  • Video playlists: We can help you create playlists based on the tags you assign to your videos, and you can embed these playlists inside posts and pages just like single videos. Playlists can be helpful to run on posts that don’t have a specific video.  

Autoplay Playlist Video Players

These types of video players are automatically inserted on every post or page on your site through the AdThrive ad code. They automatically play once they’re in view of the reader, and because of their visibility, you earn from video ads on every pageview — no embedding needed! These types of players run through a playlist of videos uploaded to your dashboard.

Collapsible Video Players

In this type of video player, a video playlist begins silently playing inside your post, and as the reader scrolls down to continue reading, the video moves from the post’s content and ‘sticks’ to the screen as the reader scrolls down the page. Advertisers love the continued engagement the collapsible players have with your readers which is what makes this our highest-earning video player and our recommended Autoplay Player option.

Our Collapsible Video Players function on both desktop and mobile devices. 

  • Desktop Collapsible Player: This player moves over to the sidebar of your site and scrolls down with the reader. 
  • Mobile Collapsible Player: This player moves to the top of the page and scrolls down with the reader.

Both desktop and mobile versions provide the option for readers to close the player. See an example of what this video player looks like in action here. The desktop collapsible player loads on desktop — switch to a mobile device or use a mobile device emulator in your browser to see the mobile collapsible player in action.

“Legacy” Video Players

Our “Legacy”  video player options are our original video player offerings. These players stay in one place on your site and autoplay through a playlist of videos on all of your pages.

  • On desktop, this player loads in the sidebar of your site.
  • On mobile, the player loads in the middle of posts.

Since this player option stays in one place and readers can skim past it, it earns significantly less than the collapsible option. For maximum earnings, we recommend choosing the collapsible video players!

Ready to start earning money from your videos?

  1. Submit a request and we’ll begin the set-up process
  2. After we process your request, you’ll be able to upload your videos directly in your dashboard.
  3. Start earning more for your videos!

Sneak Peek: Here’s how to upload videos through your dashboard once video players are set up for your site.

BONUS! Our team breaks down our video players in this video: 

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