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Videos are one of the biggest revenue opportunities in digital advertising! When you run AdThrive video players, we provide super fast (and free) video hosting that plays ads before and during your video content. You can also run video ads without having your own video content. 

Our video players: 

  1. Related Player: Plays videos you’ve embedded on a post or page. 
  2. Playlist Player: Plays your video playlist on most pages on your site, unless manually disabled.
  3. Sticky Outstream Player: Sticks to the bottom of the screen and runs video ads continuously.

Here’s a great video breakdown of the different players:

Use the Related Player when you have video content that matches the content of the page. If you also have videos in your playlist, those will play after your embedded video.

Use the Playlist Player to showcase your best video content on pages that don’t have an embedded video. 

And use the Sticky Outstream Player if you don’t have any of your own video content, or to earn from pages on your site not already running another video player.

You should use ALL THREE types of video players on your site to make sure you’re capturing every high-earning video opportunity!

Sticky vs Stationary

You have two options for how video players behave on your site: Sticky or Stationary. Sticky video players have greater earning potential, so we always recommend choosing Sticky over Stationary.


Sticky Related

The Sticky Related Video Player begins inside the page content where your video silently autoplays. When a reader scrolls past the video, the player collapses to a smaller size and sticks as the reader scrolls. If there are two embedded videos on a page, only the first will be sticky.

Stationary Related

The Stationary Related Video Player displays exactly where you place the embed code. The reader must click to start the video for you to earn from video ads.

In your dashboard, you can choose to make all of your embedded videos sticky or stationary, and then, if you’d like, you can override your default choice to make specific videos sticky or stationary.

If your embedded video is sticky, you have one more choice to make: Control or Optimized. We recommend the Optimized option, which allows our ad code to select the highest-earning location for your video.


Sticky Playlist

The Sticky Playlist Video Player begins inside the page content and silently autoplays your playlist videos. When a reader scrolls past the player, it collapses to a smaller size and sticks as the reader scrolls. If there is also a Sticky Related Player on the page, the Playlist Player will not display.


Stationary Playlist

The Stationary Playlist Video Player displays in one place and doesn’t move. It will load inside the content on mobile devices and in your sidebar on desktop. The reader must click to start the video.

Sticky Outstream

The Sticky Outstream Player will always be sticky. This player displays at the bottom of the screen and scrolls with the reader, unless the reader clicks the X button to close the player.

Advance Playlist feature

Our video players have a feature that allows you to earn more from video ads, while giving you additional chances to engage your readers with your video content.

Here’s how it works:

  1. If a reader has not interacted with the video player by the 25-second mark of the video, two buttons will show up on the right side of the player — Next and Stay.
    • If the reader presses Next, the player will advance to the next video in the playlist, serving a pre-roll ad first.
    • If the reader presses Stay, the buttons will disappear and the video will continue playing as normal.
  2. If the reader does not press a button, the Next button will fill up red (like a progress bar) for 5 seconds.
  3. Once the 5 seconds have elapsed, if the reader has still not interacted with the player, the player will automatically advance to the next video in the playlist.
  4. A pre-roll ad will play prior to the video.
  5. This process will repeat for the next video.


This auto-advance functionality will not trigger if the reader has interacted with the player at any time while the video has been playing — including pausing, turning the volume up or down, turning closed captions on or off, or even just tapping the video on mobile to pull up the controls. In this case, the Next and Stay buttons will not appear, and the player will run the entire video before moving on to the next.

Ready to start earning from videos?

  1. Start earning from video ads immediately, by turning on the Sticky Outstream Video Player via the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard. You can run this player on desktop, mobile, or both! 
  2. You can also start running the Related Video Player right away by uploading videos in your dashboard and embedding them on your site.
  3. If you want to run the Playlist Video Player, send us a message so we can enable it for you. You can add any of your uploaded videos to your playlist in the dashboard.
  4. Watch your earnings soar!
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