Why did I receive two different 1099s?

If you updated your tax ID at any point during the year (by submitting a new W9 in your dashboard), you’ll receive separate 1099s for payments before and after the new W9 was submitted.

For example, if you formed an LLC and submitted a new W9 with a new tax ID number on May 1, you’ll receive one 1099 for payments made before May 1 and another 1099 for payments made after May 1.

Note: If you make a change that affects whether or not you are eligible to receive a 1099 (such as switching to Paypal for payments or changing your business structure to a corporation), then your 1099 will only reflect your payments for the part of the year during which you were eligible to receive a 1099. It is your responsibility to file taxes within the requirements set by law.
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