What if my 1099 amount doesn’t look correct?

Your 1099 from AdThrive should match the payments you received in the previous year, not how much you earned. S we pay on a net-45 schedule, those payments will be offset from each month’s earnings.

For example: A 1099 for 2021 would include earnings from November 2020–October 2021.

One situation we’ve seen is when a publisher has made a mid-year change to a payment method or business structure that won’t receive a 1099, such as switching to receiving payments through PayPal or becoming an S-Corporation (including LLC S-Corporation) or C-Corporation. In this instance, your 1099 will only reflect the amounts you received before making the change.

You can confirm the total amount you received from AdThrive last year by logging in to your dashboard and selecting the Payments tab. From there, you can also export your entire payment history to Excel to simplify your record keeping!

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