Our best tips & tools for creating video for your site

Videos are one of the biggest revenue opportunities in digital advertising! Producing high-quality videos for your site is an investment in your ad revenue for the long run.

If you’re new to creating videos, this is a great place to start. Our tips and tools will help you create videos geared towards making the most money possible, and help format your videos for optimal playback in the AdThrive video player:

Create high-impact videos

Videos embedded in the post that readers click to play earn the most money per view, so your goal should be to embed relevant videos readers will be eager to watch.

Two great ways to start earning quickly are to create videos that you can add to as many pages as possible and add video to your most popular posts.

Create pillar video content that can be used in multiple pages:

For example:

  • Basic technique: Is there a basic technique that you can demonstrate and share inside related posts? For example, a “cupcake icing tips” video you could add to all your cupcake recipes, or an “easy painting tips” video you can make for all your DIY posts that mention painting. 
  • Pillar/evergreen topic: Is there a topic you revisit again and again that you can thoroughly cover in one video and share every time you address the subject?
  • Questions: Is there a common question that a visual demonstration could answer?

Make your video apply to as many posts on a single subject as possible! You can embed one video in as many pages as you want!

Make a video for one of your most popular pages:

Your top posts are where your readers are already spending significant time — capture their interest even further by embedding video content on that page! Creating a new video specifically for one of your top posts will instantly get you significant bang for your buck.

Identify your most engaging pages in Google Analytics

It pays to use video in every post possible AND to upgrade to our newer, collapsible video player options for maximum ad revenue and reader engagement!

Create videos that are 30 seconds or longer

Our ad partners have premium campaigns available for videos with 30 seconds or more of active content. (Example: logo images don't count as active content). For our Auto-Insert video players keep videos between 45-75 seconds, but for videos you embed in your posts, longer videos are great for keeping readers engaged on the page. Read more here.

Upload videos readers can view on most connections

Keep your files under 50mb per minute, with a maximum file size of 800mb. This ensures that your readers can watch your videos wherever they are, on any device. We recommend a resolution of 720p.

Use .mp4, .mov or .webm video files

These are the types of video files that will upload to our video player.

Video title and description matter

The video title and description are included in your embed code and can help improve your SEO. Choose a title that matches common keywords people search for that's related to your video and include a detailed description for each video.  

Tags don’t have an impact on SEO

Tags are only used to build playlists of videos, and will not impact your SEO. We recommend using tags to help organize your videos, so we can help you create playlists to embed anywhere on your site.

Export videos in landscape format

Our player is served responsively at a 16:9 aspect ratio, so horizontal, rectangular videos look best. You’re welcome to upload a vertical or square video, however, it will have a black box around it to fill the player.

Compress video files to target file-size and formatting

We also recommend these tools for video compression:

  • Mac: iMovie is a fantastic, free tool with built-in compression options when you click “Share.”
  • PC: Handbrake is a great option to compress videos created on your PC. If you need to export to a different file format or further compress the video, watch this video for an easy to follow tutorial.

Replace other players with your AdThrive Video Player

Make sure you’re embedding your AdThrive videos inside relevant posts and swapping out lower-monetizing YouTube or Vimeo players.

Quick tip: If your videos are already hosted on YouTube, they’re already the perfect format for your AdThrive video player. You can simply download your video file from there.

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