How do I get the sticky Playlist video player added to my site?

We highly recommend using our sticky Playlist video player on your site! It’s an upgrade to the older, stationary video player that loads in the sidebar on desktop and inside the content on mobile.

The sticky Playlist video player runs through a playlist of your videos, and our ad code automatically adds it inside each post on your site that doesn’t already have a sticky Related video player. When the reader scrolls past the video, the player sticks to the screen and scrolls with them. This design usually increases viewability, plays, and earnings!

You can view the player in action right here. If you’re on desktop, you’ll see the desktop version of our sticky player — switch to a mobile device or use a mobile device emulator in your browser to see the mobile sticky player. 

If you’d like to sign up for this high-earning video player, just let us know!

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