How do I get the collapsible video player added to my site?

The collapsible video player is our recommended video player option! It’s an upgrade to the older, stationary video player that loads in the sidebar on desktop and inside the content on mobile.

The collapsible video player plays through a playlist of your videos and is automatically inserted inside each post on your site, then collapses to ‘stick’ when the reader scrolls past. This design usually increases viewability, plays, and earnings!

You can view the player in action right here. The desktop collapsible player loads on desktop — switch to a mobile device or use a mobile device emulator in your browser to see the mobile collapsible player.

Once you sign up, our team will work on getting this set up for you ASAP.  Please allow up to a week for us to set up the player for your site — we’ll reach out with an update once it’s live!

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