SEO Mastermind by HashtagJeff FAQs

Did you know that AdThrive publishers have FREE access to the SEO Mastermind Course by HashtagJeff through January 31, 2022? Find all the details below!

Where do I go to log in to the SEO Mastermind Course?

Right here.

How do I gain access to the SEO Mastermind Course? 

If you joined AdThrive after February 2019: You received an invitation to join the course in the email you received after your new AdThrive ads were installed! Not able to find the email? Click here to request access to the course.

If you joined AdThrive before February 2019: February 4-5, Jeff sent out email invitations to the contact email listed in your AdThrive dashboard. To check which email account you've entered in the dashboard, click on Payments in the left sidebar, then select "Payment Info" from the dropdown menu. The course invitation would have been emailed to the email address listed under "Contact Email."

Still need support? Send Jeff's team an email at and let them know!

What do the emails to join the course look like?

  1. You'll receive an email from with the subject line, "Welcome to HashtagJeff." That email contains a link to visit the course and set the password for your new account!
  2. You'll also receive an email from with the subject line, "Facebook Group Invite" and details for joining Jeff's #Jeff: SEO Mastermind Facebook group.

Not able to locate these emails? Be sure to check your spam filter and any "Promotions" or "Updates" tabs in your email account!

How do I join the #Jeff: SEO Mastermind Facebook group?

You’ll get access to the SEO Mastermind Facebook group once you’re enrolled in the course! The email invitation will include more details. 

How long will the SEO Mastermind Course be available for free to AdThrive publishers?

Through January 31, 2022.

What if I’m a current course member? What happens to my recurring bill?

We're picking up the tab for any AdThrive publisher. If you were already a course subscriber, just let Jeff’s team know at and they’ll take care of it for you!

I have more than one person working on my site – can others share course access with me?

Yes — once you set your course login via the invitation email, you may share that login with one business partner who works closely with you on your site. You’ll also be able to request Facebook group access for your +1. 

Will I benefit from this course? I’m [a beginner]/[pretty advanced].

We’ve found that Jeff’s course is valuable to a wide range of publishers and he has material tailored to match where you are in your SEO journey. Everyone can use these resources to step up their SEO game! 

How is the SEO Mastermind Course different from an SEO audit?

We believe in Jeff’s philosophy that the most qualified SEO expert for your site is YOU. While a site audit provides recommendations from an outside perspective, the goal of the SEO Mastermind Course is to equip you with the tools needed to optimize your site long-term and work SEO optimization into your everyday processes.

What kinds of tools/services do I need to benefit from the SEO Mastermind Course?

No worries! The only tools and services that are absolutely necessary are free tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other free resources Jeff unpacks in his course. Paid tools like SEMrush can definitely be a game-changer if you know how to use them well, and Jeff shares tutorials and more information in the course.

I have a support question for the SEO Mastermind Course - where do I go with that?

You can request support directly through the course interface or by emailing That’s the best place to get an answer from the HashtagJeff team! The AdThrive team can help you with your ads, but we can’t provide support for the SEO Mastermind Course.

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