What’s the difference between desktop and mobile ad earnings?

Readers view and interact with your content in different ways when they visit your site on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Because of that, we customize your ad layout on each device to optimize your ads.

For example, since sidebars do not usually display on mobile, we prioritize content ads for your mobile ad layout.

Your AdThrive dashboard uses Google Analytics and our ad server data to break down your site’s pageviews and earnings by the type of device readers are using to access your site: desktop, mobile, or tablet.

From your dashboard, click on "Earnings" in the left-hand sidebar, then "Earnings Overview", and scroll down to the Earnings By Device widget.


This is an easy way to see your pageviews, RPM, and earnings from each device type, based on the time frame selected at the top of the page.

As you browse the different tools available in the dashboard, you may notice that the desktop traffic to your site has a higher RPM than mobile or tablet, making up a larger percentage of your ad earnings than the percentage of traffic it actually brings in.


This is standard across the entire ad industry right now because desktop traffic is especially valuable to advertisers at the moment.

Why is desktop traffic so valuable to advertisers?

While mobile e-commerce is on the rise, potential customers on desktop are the most valuable to advertisers, because consumers are still more likely to make purchases on desktop than on a mobile device. Your AdThrive ads don’t pay simply based on ad clicks, but advertisers do track actions and use that data to make ad spending decisions.

Also, there are more highly-viewable ad spaces available on the desktop version of your site — ads inside the post content or recipes, the sticky sidebar ad, and the sticky footer ad. Advertisers know these ads are seen by your readers and are willing to bid more for them. That’s why we emphasize the importance of ad viewability and move or remove any ads that aren’t highly-viewable!

Mobile ad performance has come a LONG way.

Mobile ad performance has increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and advertisers’ demand for highly-viewable mobile ads has only continued to grow.

That’s why the recommendations we make for your mobile ad layout focus on moving ads inside the post content where they’ll be seen and running the viewable sticky footer ad that scrolls with your readers at the bottom of the screen.



Many of the new ad types we've introduced recently are designed to increase the value of your mobile ad slots!

As more and more visitors access your site on mobile, make sure you’re taking full advantage of these highly-viewable ad types for maximum mobile earnings!

  • Opt in to viewable ad types: We’d love to set these up for you!
  • Consider mobile ad spacing: If you’ve asked to space mobile content ads further apart than our recommended 1-ad-per-page-scroll, we're happy to adjust that spacing again to boost your mobile earnings.
  • Strategize for mobile ad viewability when you’re creating your posts. It’s easy for readers to scroll quickly by ads that appear near lots of pictures with little text in between. Help your ads earn even better by writing lengthy, engaging posts with plenty of useful text between pictures!

While you can’t control how your readers visit your site, you can make these improvements to maximize your earnings on every device! Reach out to our team if you’d like us to help you make any adjustments.

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