What can cause conflicts with AdThrive ads?

We always want to help you earn as much as possible from your AdThrive ads! Sometimes, other plugins and code on your site aren’t compatible with AdThrive ad technology and can sabotage your ad earnings.

3rd-Party Ad Code Adjustments

Allowing a 3rd-party to make changes to your ads can really hurt your ad earnings.

For example, we've seen some developers implement their own deferred loading method, costing publishers lots of money. Instead, we have our own AdThrive Deferred Ad Loading we can set up for you at any time and it's optimized to protect your ad revenue! Just ask.

Create by Mediavine

Unlike many other recipe and how-to plugins, the Create by Mediavine plugin does not allow you to embed your AdThrive-monetized videos inside the recipe or project card for SEO schema benefits. We recommend choosing another option that allows you to take full advantage of video schema for SEO.


The Elementor WordPress Page Builder can cause ads to load in the editor, causing formatting issues. We can disable ads in Elementor for logged-in users with a code snippet to prevent this issue.

Your content ads are also set up using specific page elements, and Elementor can change that page formatting, preventing content ads from loading. This is an easy fix for our team!

In either case, just let us know if you start using Elementor and we’ll be happy to check things out for you!

Javascript UI Libraries and Platforms

Currently, AdThrive ads don't perform optimally on Javascript UI libraries (such as React, Vue, Angular, Ember, and others) and platforms built on these UI libraries like Discourse and GhostJS. If you’re considering a switch to one of these platforms, please talk to us ahead of time.

Iframe Lazy Loading

AdThrive ads load in iframes, so avoid iframe optimization or iframe lazy loading settings inside plugins like WP Rocket.

Other Ad Networks

Ad code from other ad networks may not be compatible with your AdThrive ads and can impact earnings and undermine your site’s reputation with premium advertisers. Please consult with the AdThrive team so we can make sure additional ad code is compatible!

Rocket Loader

Cloudflare is a great CDN (Content Delivery Network) option, however the Rocket Loader setting conflicts with AdThrive ad code and impacts your ad earnings. If you use Cloudflare on your site, turn this feature off in the settings.


Shareaholic can add additional ads to your site that hurt your AdThrive ad performance. Make sure ads are turned off inside Shareaholic settings.

Vuukle Comment System

Vuukle ads hurt your AdThrive ad performance. Disable ads or use another comment plugin.

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