I'm selling my site — how do I transfer my AdThrive account to the new owner?

Planning on selling your site? We want to help make the transition as easy as possible for you! Here are the steps to ensure a smooth transition of the site’s AdThrive account to the new owner.

Step 1: Email the AdThrive team before the transition happens.

It helps our team to know 30 days in advance of the final sale date to help make sure we give our advertisers enough notice and for our team to get everything updated in our system.

Important: We need you (the main account owner) to initiate the transfer of ownership before hearing from the buyer.

Buyer doesn’t want to continue using AdThrive? We still need 30 days notice before removing the ads from the site in order to give our ad partners enough time to stop selling your ads.

Buyer wants to continue with AdThrive? Send us an email, CC the buyer, and include the date you aim to complete the sale. Please make sure to include any additional information that might be important for the team to know!

Step 2: The buyer is approved.

Just like when we onboarded your site and worked to get our advertisers to approve you, we go through the same process for new account owners as well!

In order to be approved, the buyer must:

  • Agree to our Terms and Services
  • Be approved by our advertising partners
  • Not be banned or blacklisted for past infringements with any advertisers

Once the new account owner is approved, we’ll transfer the domain, which could result in some downtime in ad performance. 

During this process, there is a small chance the domain may not be approved after Google re-reviews it. If this happens, we’ll work to identify the issue and get the disapproval reversed.

Step 3: You submit a transfer of ownership form.

This form ensures that we have all the necessary details surrounding the site sale and confirms that you and the buyer have established a plan for future ad payments.

Make sure you have a plan in place for payments

You and the new owner must work out an agreement on how pending ad earnings will be paid out. Payments will continue to follow our net-45 payment schedule and will pay out to the account on file in the AdThrive dashboard.

AdThrive can provide you with an estimate of future payments but is not responsible for overseeing payment terms or communicating on behalf of either party. Once the new owner is given dashboard access, this includes access to update the payment information.

It is essential to include how these earnings will be handled in your legal contract with the new owner.

Here are a few common scenarios we’ve seen:

  • No ad earnings are due. Once the sale takes place, the new owner receives all future payments.
  • Payments go to you until you have received the final amount due. The new owner leaves your payment information untouched in the AdThrive dashboard until you have received the final amount.
  • The new owner pays your remaining earnings to you as they are received on the net-45 schedule.

In certain instances, we may require legal documentation from both parties in order to complete the AdThrive account transition.

Step 4: After the buyer is approved, we set a date to transfer over the account.

We’ll be in communication with you and the buyer throughout the process and let you know once everything is approved. We’ll confirm the transfer date with you and make sure we have everything ready before that date.

If the buyer is not approved by our ad partners, we’re unable to continue running ads on the site after the sale.

Step 5: The buyer assumes ownership of the AdThrive account!

On the agreed-upon date, we will transfer the site’s AdThrive dashboard to the new owner and remove you from the dashboard. We’ll send the new owner a welcome email full of helpful details including how to access the dashboard and join our Facebook group. We'll touch base on the site’s ad layout and work with them to ensure the ad layout fits their preferences.

We’re here to help make this transition as smooth as possible, so please let us know if you have any further questions!

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