How do I upload videos through my dashboard?

If you don't see the video upload tool in your dashboard, email and we'll get it set up for you!

Uploading Videos

You can now bulk upload up to ten videos at a time with our new beta video interface. See more information here: How can I bulk upload and bulk edit videos?
  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on the Video tab in your left sidebar. That's where you can upload your videos!
    • This upload feature accepts .mp4, .webm, and .mov file types and the recommended file size is 25-35mb per minute with a maximum file size of 1.2 GB.
    • Our ad partners require videos to be at least 30 seconds long. This helps ensure your videos are earning you the most money possible!
  2. Drag and drop your video into the cloud icon in the video widget, or click “Browse Videos” to upload directly from your desktop. This current version uploads one video at a time.


Required info for uploading your videos:

  • Video Title: This will display at the top of the sticky video player. The title can also be useful for SEO purposes and searching your videos in your dashboard, so use a relevant keyword.

Optional info to help organize your videos:

  • URL: Add the URL of the related post on your site. In the sticky Playlist player, the title will link to this URL so viewers can click through to the post. A URL is required for the video to be included in your video sitemap.
  • Description: This helps with SEO, so you can pack it full of keywords and information. Your description can also help you search for videos in your dashboard.
  • Add to Playlist checkbox: Check the 'Add to Playlist' checkbox if you would like the video to display in your Playlist video player.
  • Publish in the future: If you select this checkbox, you can choose a specific date to schedule your video using the dropdown fields. Choosing a future publishing date will postpone the video going live in your posts, sidebar player, and any playlists. Note: the time zone is your local time.
  • Tags: Tags can be as broad as “desserts” or as specific as “healthy chocolate desserts”. These tags aren't part of your video SEO metadata — they're for organizational purposes and help to create individual playlists for your site.


Editing Video Information

Click the edit button beside the video to edit the title, description, thumbnail, and tags for a video. You can also upload closed captioning files for that video.

When you change a thumbnail image, the update may take a few minutes and you’ll need to hit refresh to view the change in the dashboard.

If you edit the title or description after you've already embedded the video on your site, you'll need to replace the current embed code with the updated code in the dashboard.  

The dashboard allows you to choose a thumbnail from the video or upload a specific image.  


Your Embed Codes

To embed a video into a post or page on your site, grab the individual code by clicking on the “Copy Embed” button.

For WordPress, these embed codes are shortcodes you can copy and paste into your visual or text editor and click Save. For Blogger, Squarespace, or other content management systems, your embed codes will be <div> codes. Copy and paste the code into your HTML post editor and save.

If you'd like to preview the video, click to preview your post and the player should appear where you just embedded it. 

Data Export

To see all your video embed codes in one place, click the Export Data button in the top right corner of the Video tab.

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