What should I consider when redesigning my site?

Making changes to your site can be really scary, we know — the good news is that when it comes to your ads, we’ve got you covered. When redesigning your site, here are some recommendations we suggest sharing with your designer/developer to make sure you get the most out of your new look.  

  • Header design: The best paying header ad location is located below your header image/logo and menu and is at least 970 pixels wide. Note: it’s important that no drop-down menu options overlap the header ad area, as that is an advertiser policy violation.
  • Sidebar design: The best paying sidebar setup is a sidebar that is at least 336 pixels wide and has a minimal number of widgets so that the bottom sticky sidebar ad is highly visible. The sticky sidebar ad pays more the faster and longer it’s on the screen - read more about that here.
  • Content design:  Content ads have become some of the most valuable placements on a site because of the importance that advertisers place on viewability. Keep mobile padding around post content to a minimum, so mobile content ads don’t get cut off on smaller mobile devices.
  • Recipe design: If you have recipes on your site, make sure you’re using a recipe plugin so we can place an ad into the recipe box for you.
  • Mobile design: Make sure your site is responsive and gives readers a great experience on mobile.

Once you (or your designer) are totally finished designing and installing your beautiful new site:

  1. Email us and we’ll re-install your ads and make recommendations for new placements.
  2. If anything has changed for your site dashboard login, let us know!
  3. Double-check your Google Analytics tracking code to make sure it’s correctly tracking pageviews on your new site.

That’s it!

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