How do I block in-image ads on a certain photo?

If you have in-image ads running on your site and you don't want those ads to appear on a certain photo, go to the post where you'd like to block the image and switch your post editor to view the html code. Find the code for the image where you don't want in-image ads to appear and add:


to the image code inside of the post editor.

Here's an example: 

The code for your images probably looks something like this:

<img src="" />

Just add class="ggnoads" to the end of that piece of code so that it looks like this:

<img src="" class="ggnoads"/>

Every time that class="ggnoads" piece of code is found on an image, it will not serve an in-image ad.

Looking for a way to turn off ALL in-image ads for a specific post/page? Click here.

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