When do I get paid from AdThrive?

AdThrive pays for your ads (AdThrive Media, Custom Video Player, and In-Image Ads) on a net-45 schedule, meaning we submit payment 45 days after the end of the month in which you earned the money. So, your earnings for the month of January are paid on March 15, your earnings for February are paid on April 15, and so on.


We submit payments on or before the 15th of every month. The time it takes to appear in your account after that will depend on your bank's processing time. You should see the deposit in your account within a few business days after the 15th.

If you need to update your payment account or details, it's best to do that early in the month, to ensure your payment is sent to your new account.

Payments under $25 ($100 for wire transfers) will be deferred and automatically included in a future payment, when the total exceeds the threshold amount. 

Any deferred or rejected payments will be added to the following month’s payment once the issue has been resolved.

Please make sure your payment information is up to date in your AdThrive dashboard so your payment can come through in time! Here are instructions for how to update your payment information.

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