What do I do if I see an ad on my site that I don't like?

We have the most conservative filters set up by default for our ads because keeping your site family-friendly is a high priority for us. If an ad ever slips through our filters that isn’t family-friendly, we appreciate you letting us know and we’ll work quickly to block it across all AdThrive sites! See our tips below for grabbing the ad information to send to us so we can get it blocked ASAP.

We are also able to submit specific blocks for sites/brands that you'd rather not have on your site, specifically. Not all advertisers provide ad blocking capabilities on a site-specific basis, but we’ll submit blocks wherever we can!

To request a block for a specific ad or brand:

  1. Try to grab the URL of the ad when you see it. You can usually mouse over the ad and a URL will pop up over it. Copy that ad's URL and send it over as part of your support ticket.

  2. Send us a screenshot of the ad. Here are some tips on how to get the best result:
    • Use the Snipping Tool or similar screenshot application that saves the image in a PNG format
    • Make sure your image is large and clear
    • Show page context around the ad — our system uses this to help identify the source of the ad that was served on that page!

We'll work to locate the advertiser who is serving the ad and get them blocked. Just open a ticket and send over that URL and screenshot so we can work to track it down!

If you're still seeing an ad you've requested to be blocked: Unfortunately, ad blocking still isn’t 100% effective across the ad industry since it relies heavily on advertisers accurately labeling their ads. Occasionally, when an advertiser mislabels an ad, something that should be blocked may slip through the filters we put in place for you. 

Another issue is that our ad blocks only work for the particular URL we submitted, not for the creative (image/content) of the ad. If another ad uses the same creative but a new URL, it's possible the 'same' ad could come through on your site despite the block we've put in place. If that happens on your site, please grab the URL of that ad and send it over to us!


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