What should I do if my content is stolen?

Nothing irks us more than seeing your beautiful photos, amazing recipes, and creative content getting stolen and reposted on other sites. You worked too hard for someone else to get the credit — and the ad earnings — from your talent and your effort. AdThrive has a very strict, no-exceptions policy for sites that do this: we won't work with them.

If you see your content being used against your wishes, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Ask them to remove it. (Always a good first place to start!)
  2. Go to this site to find out who is hosting that site.
  3. Once you know who their host is, go to their host's site and submit a DMCA takedown notice. (The process is different for every host.)
  4. You can also submit a DMCA with WordPress here or Blogger here.
  5. Report it to Google here so it impacts their web search.
  6. Report it to AdSense here so the site is not eligible to earn from AdSense.

We've got your back! AdThrive exists to support publishers like you: the people who are creating your own content and contributing your own beauty and creativity to the internet.

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