Why does it say 'Elite CafeMedia Publisher' at the bottom of my site?

One awesome thing about being a part of the AdThrive community is having access to high-quality, top-paying ads only available to AdThrivers.

Once you joined AdThrive, you probably noticed a small footer appear on your site naming you an 'Elite CafeMedia Publisher' in your niche!

Like many ad providers, we use Comscore as one of our tools to market ads to advertisers and show the high quality and high level of traffic our amazing publishers have together. Comscore is kind of like Nielsen for TV ratings, but it's used for ranking websites. All AdThrive sites are grouped together within Comscore, which allows advertisers to see the high quality of our sites and ask to run their campaigns through our network.

Within Comscore, we can add an extra layer of validation by adding a badge on the sites within the AdThrive network. That badge is like an extra level of promotion within Comscore, giving advertisers more peace of mind that we are who we say we are, and that we do have access to the ads on your site and can run their best campaigns for them in a trustworthy way. Once we add that badge, it moves your site up into a higher level of validation within Comscore, giving it better marketing to advertisers and bringing in better campaigns.

Our goal with the footer is to "check that box" within Comscore so we can now sell your ads on a higher level. Most other networks do something similar, but they run a giant logo (and link) for their network in the sidebar above the fold, or they'll insert their logo (with a link) below every single ad space. We're not interested in advertising for us, but just want to "check the box" with Comscore to allow us to verify with advertisers that we have access to run campaigns on your site. We look for the least invasive possible method to verify with advertisers that you're part of our network, and get you access to higher-paying campaigns!

Here's how we do that:

  • We place tiny, light gray text (no logo) at the very bottom of the site.
  • The badge is simply html text. It's not a link or another ad, so it will not affect your SEO.
  • Once Comscore sees that small badge on your site, you're then included in a new, more valuable segmentation.

All of that being said, it's certainly optional! If you opt out of this badge, we just won't be able to group your site with the others receiving certain higher-paying campaigns.

Because only about 1% of readers ever see the footer on your site, and because this Comscore badge is so valuable to your overall income, we highly recommend running that little piece of html at the bottom of your site. We love to see you earning well!

Here because you saw the 'Elite CafeMedia Publisher' badge on a website? If you have your own site and are interested in joining AdThrive, please visit our website and submit an application!

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